How to Fight Diabetes with These Tips

How to Fight Diabetes with These Tips

How to Fight Diabetes with These Tips

How to Fight Diabetes with These Tips


How to Fight Diabetes – Before talking about the ways we can fight against diabetes, let’s talk about what diabetes really is. Unlike other kinds of diseases, diabetes is very unique, it is a set of metabolic disorders which causes an instability of blood sugar levels, these disorders lead to a lot of problems in your body.

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So, treating diabetes is not like treating just a disease, you actually have to treat many diseases, which makes the treatment complicated and expensive. The sugar levels in your blood might increase because of the limited production of insulin in your body, because insulin is responsible for the regulation of blood sugar in your body. In some cases, even though there is enough production of insulin in your body, your body cells cannot react to them for many reasons, which causes an abnormal rise of sugar levels in your body.

How to Fight Diabetes with These Tips

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is an irreversible condition causing tingling and even numbness or pain in your arms and legs. This is caused by not controlling your blood sugar which leads to damage to the nerves in your limbs. If you get your Diabetes in check you can sometimes lessen the symptoms and stop it from progressing further.

Be careful with the medicines you choose when you have a cold, many are laden with sugar which can affect your blood sugar levels. Make sure you take this into account if you’re keeping track of what you eat to maintain even blood sugar levels, or if your blood sugar mysteriously spikes.

If you feel you’re not getting adequate care from your doctor, find a new one! Feeling less than comfortable with a health care professional can lead you to question their diagnosis or treatment, meaning you can’t trust them. Find a new doctor that you have full faith in to ensure a healthy doctor-patient relationship.

If you have a family member or loved one suffering with diabetes, it’s vitally important that you offer your help and support to ease their struggle. Sometimes little things such as joining along for doctor appointments, educating yourself with books and website information or just offering a listening ear can all help your loved one feel less alone.

If your spouse or partner is suffering from diabetes, one way to help and encourage a healthy lifestyle is exercising together. Exercise has been shown to reduce or help reverse the effects of diabetes. Encourage your partner to go on walks with you, or find a local gym where you can spend time together as well as getting healthy!

There really is not a diabetic diet. The American Diabetes Association recommends that you get 50 percent of your calories from carbohydrates, 30 percent from fats, and 20 percent from proteins. Proteins work to stabilize blood sugars and to help you feel satisfied. Proteins also help your body to rebuild and provide nutrients your body needs not found in carbs and fats.

There are many signs and symptoms of diabetes, so it’s possible to only have some of them, or even none at all, and be diabetic. Some common symptoms encountered are tingling feet, high blood pressure, extreme lethargy, and an unquenchable thirst. Getting your blood-glucose levels checked once a year at your physical is absolutely imperative to a long, healthy life.

Though this may seem like common knowledge for anyone who has ever taken medicine, many people for get to do it. As a Diabetic, you should always remember to take your medication! Only take medication prescribed by your doctor and only at interval that are safely prescribed for you.

Check your blood sugar often. This is very important if you are dealing with diabetes because you blood sugar can spike or get very low without you feeling any symptoms. You can buy a glucometer for less than $100.00 or you may be able to get it free from a diabetes educator.

People suffering from Diabetes should consider adding green tea to their diet as a replacement of other sugary drinks. Green tea is a great way to cut calories and save carbohydrates. It also has the added benefit of fighting several other diseases. It may not lower your blood sugar, but it helps in many other ways.

When dealing with a child that has diabetes, be sure that you include the entire family along with the special dietary plan that the child has to endure. This will make it much easier for the child to handle, as opposed to having to watch other people eat foods that they might desire.

A good way to minimize the impact of diabetes is to exercise more. Exercising more can increase the sensitivity of your cells to insulin, so that your body is able to take up more glucose on its own. This can reduce the symptoms of diabetes, and it allows many people to manage their diabetes by diet.

An important tip for diabetic patients is to always strive for a sufficient amount of sleep each night. Sleep deprivation or deficit can prompt carbohydrate cravings, resulting in excess pounds, heart disease and other potential health issues that can exacerbate diabetes. Therefore, those who are able to sleep for seven or eight hours nightly are likely to have fewer complications.

For those who suffer from diabetes there are many alternatives to sugar that can fulfill our sugar craving. These artificial sweeteners are often times 25 to 100 times more sweet than sugar and most the time they have close to calories. Use these artificial sweeteners as a replacement for sugar.

The number one way to ensure that you stay healthy, even though you have diabetes, is having a proper diet plan. Keep your disease under control by following a proper diabetic diet plan. There are many websites out there that are able to help you in developing a proper diet plan as well as finding the right doctor to work with you. Make sure to do your research and provide your body with enough nutrients to fight diabetes.

High blood glucose levels can make you feel tired, however if you feel tired at all times and not just after meals there may be another culprit. A side effect of many medications is a tired feeling. Check with your doctor to determine what is causing your drowsiness. If you are not on medications depression could be to blame. Get checked out by a professional to determine if depression is the cause.

What you’ve just learned from the tips above is that diabetes can be controlled with the right information and the right amount of effort on your part. Now that you’ve learned more about the disease and what you can do to control it, the next logical step is to apply the information and formulate a plan of action.

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How To Fight Diabetes Type 2


How to Fight Diabetes with These Tips

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