How to Beat Eczema

How To Beat Eczema

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How to beat eczema? Do you suffer as a result of eczema?

How to Beat Eczema

The eczema is commonly called nickel rash, and are commonly experienced by females more than males. Many people thought of it as allergic to gold, but actually it’s the nickel substance within the gold that started the eczema symptoms.

It usually triggered by ear piercing.

After the piercing, strangely enough, the person’s body became reactive, not only from the nickel substances in the person’s body, but also other jewelry that came in contact with that person. This disease is heredity and can not be cured. The best treatment for eczema of this kind is to stay away from nickel. Wearing a stainless steel or pure gold jewelry is one of the best solutions. It’s also best to stay off of heat when wearing a nickel plated jewelry.


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If you just change a small number of things in your day to day existence you will be amazed at the vast improvement you will experience. I have listed a few suggestions that you will certainly benefit from following.

How to Beat Eczema

Keep your skin moist

Itching is the worst part of being an eczema sufferer. So the point is to keep itching at bay by avoiding dry skin which causes the itch. To beat eczema you need to keep your skin moist. You have to do this constantly and consistently especially after taking or having a bath and or shower so that you can retain the moisture.

Pat yourself dry after bathing leaving your skin slightly moist then use an emollient or moisturizer to keep in the moisture. It can be quite tedious at first but after doing it a while it becomes second nature.

Beat Eczema by watching what you eat

What you eat has a significant effect on how your body is able to beat eczema. The more acidic foods are related to increased presence of eczema while the more vegetables or green leafy foods you eat the less prevalent your eczema will be.

You will be well advised to consult a nutritionist or diet expert to provide you with information on which foods in particular will reduce your acid intake. Supplements such as Kelp are able to reduce acidity in your diet as they have a high alkalinity. You are what you ingest and the results are often seen from the outside especially your skin, so taking care about what you put in your mouth is another way to beat eczema.

Beat Eczema by watching what you wear

There are many simple things an eczema sufferer can do to beat eczema and avoid itchy, scratchy discomfort. Some sufferers actually do the things they should not do and they worsen the condition of their disease. You can beat eczema by following a few easy steps.

Wear cotton clothing that is breathable, absorbent and light instead of hard-wearing irritating tight synthetic material or fabrics.

The plastic or woolly clothing we wear can cause skin to flare up and itch. Also keep away from fragrances, deodorants, washing detergents and perfume agents. Once these reach your skin from direct contact or being rubbed off clothing they can have a devastating effect on eczema sufferers. Rather use material that is soft and naturally obtained and produced especially for clothing.

Beat Eczema by watching what you drink

Drink a lot of water; you must keep your skin moist. The skin is the largest organ in the body and we need to feed it properly by giving it what it needs the most, namely water. For an eczema sufferer this is even more vital.

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How to Beat Eczema How to Beat Eczema

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